Skodaru's story

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Skodaru's story

Post by skodaru on Sun Dec 14, 2014 5:43 pm

Hi!I'm skodaru!Some people of you know me from the xDweb.There I make a story.I'll continue here.For they who doesn't know the epic thread,i'll rezume here,in my first post.
I had a white Vw Jetta mk1 1981.Then,i found on the junkyard a 1978 black Dacia 1300 which I restored it.In the meantime, I found a car which was mine 15 years ago.A 1983 Vw Golf mk1.The car was in good shape,but i made it how it has been looking 15 years ago.The place where I was warking was destroyed by the city hall to make a shop there.The Dacia and the Golf were taken to my parents's home,at country.There I dismember the Golf to respray and I took her at the paintshop.Then,I found a 1981 Dacia 1310 Break,which I used 1000 km.In the meantime,i borrowed the Jetta to a friend,to go on holiday with it.He made a accident and the car arrived at the scrapyard.
Then,I bought a BMW E35 Touring,with Misterio's help.He tunned it for me,and this is my daily-driver.I sold the Break to a friend,and i moved from LS,to SF,where is quieter than my old home.After that,I brrought home the black Dacia,to finish the restoration.After that,Misterio let me to put the Dacia in his garage for the winter,because it snowed.After that,I found a nice 1987 Dacia Sport,who need some repairings.I restored it,and i've personalized it.After this,I found a VW T2,which needs some care.I repaired it,and it's functional.A friend of mine bought a big space,who transformed it in a garage.I paid him a rent,and i moved all the cars there.This friend had a 1986 Dacia 1310,which I bought from him with 500 lei,and after 3 days,i sold it for 2000 Lei.
Now,I have 5 cars in which i use one as a daily driver,The BMW.It has benn equiped for winter,and i prepare it for a holiday in the mountains,with some friends.Tommorow i'll go there.
Photos of the story:

Poze de la plimbare:

And a video with the Sport

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